Helping aviation to reduce financial losses due to cyber-attacks

Cyber-attacks are generating significant financial losses to aviation stakeholders especially airlines. This becomes even more intolerable at the time aviation is hit by an unprecedented crisis which impacts severely revenues and cash flow. As part of its catalogue of services, EUROCONTROL/EATM-CERT (European Air Traffic Management Computer Emergency Response Team) has developed some services which are provided for free to the aviation community with the goal to reduce financial losses by e.g. detecting fraudulent websites impersonating airlines, fighting against scams that impersonate EUROCONTROL and request to pay fraudulent invoices, detecting frequent flyer program accounts for sale on the dark/deep web and sharing Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) and Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs). The unbalanced financial dimension of cyber-attacks inevitably calls for continuous threats, therefore the aviation community has to further work together and share more information in order to increase our efficiency (including cost efficiency) for our common interest.

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